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Have extra time and a heart to help? East Valley Women’s League is looking for volunteers to assist in our campaigns. 

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Where we need the most help

A group of girls in proms dresses posing for a photo - East Valley Women's League Project known as Cinderella Affair

The Cinderella Affair

The Cinderella Affair is EVWL’s largest project. Founded back in 2002, The Cinderella Affair was created with the idea that every girl deserves to feel like a princess.

The Fairy Godmothers at The Cinderella Affair work year-round to make sure that everyone can afford to experience the perfect prom night. Each and every deserving princess that visits The Cinderella Affair Castle gets outfitted with a dress, shoes, jewelry, a purse, a bra, and is even given the option for custom alterations – all for free.

A young man buttoning a suit


Setting up Incredible Teens for Success (SUITS) provides deserving young men in the East Valley a completed suited outfit for college interviews, job interviews, prom and various other social functions.

This year 50 young men will be selected by teachers and administrators from East Valley schools to receive a suit based on their financial need, leadership, and character. EVWL is proud to partner with Men’s Wearhouse at 3400 E. Chandler Blvd #1 in the Chandler Gateway Center to provide a full suit, shirt, ties, belt, socks and shoes to these deserving young men.

A sick woman in bed being comforted by a friend

Chemo Companions

Founded by EVWL member Alyssa Dinowitz, after the passing of her mother Mariann Gofonia (a four time breast cancer survivor), Chemo Companions provides support to individuals undergoing chemotherapy.

Every Friday our Chemo Companion volunteers visit with people undergoing chemotherapy.  To date we’ve provided 1500 care packages filled with lotion, blankets, food, and activities to help pass the time during treatment. Additionally, our Chemo Companions stock the Ironwood Cancer Research Center Food Pantry for patients and families in need.

Over 4,000 individuals have been served by this project!

Donate your funds

Good news! Your donation may qualify for a tax credit in the state of Arizona. Upon receiving a donation, EVWL will issue you a receipt. Use this receipt to claim your tax credit on your Arizona State Tax Form.

Up to $400 Credit | For those filing single.

Up to $800 Credit | For married couples filing jointly.

Your donation will go to supporting local Arizona women, girls, and boys who are experiencing hardship and need extra assistance to improve their quality of life. Thank you for your generosity!