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QCO  |  ‘Qualifying Charitable Organizations’

QCO started in 1998 and was called the Working Poor Tax Credit. It was expanded in 2012 to cover more organizations like EVWL that support families.

The Arizona tax program repays you, dollar for dollar, on the money you donate to qualifying Arizona charities (EVWL) whether you have a tax refund or payment.

There are 5 different tax credit donations in Arizona. You can donate the maximum to all 5 categories every year. The five tax credits are:

1) QCO – EVWL category – Qualifying Charitable Organizations ($841 married filing jointly, $421 filing single)

2) Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations ($1000 married, $500 single)

3) Public Schools ($400 married, $200 single)

4) School Tuition ($2435 married, $1490 single)

5) Military Family Relief Fund ($400 married, $200 single)

Make A QCO Donation

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Making a charitable contribution to EVWL and claiming the Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization Tax Credit only takes a few steps.

1) Click the above “Donate Now” button and follow the steps to donate your money targeted for QCO. Print your receipt. Make sure to maintain a receipt for your donation so you can provide a copy for your tax returns.

2) Complete the relevant Arizona Tax Form 321 to claim credit for your QCO donation.

3) Calculate your individual tax returns. Then subtract your tax credit from your tax liability to reduce your Arizona state tax balance. Make sure to include Arizona Form 321 filled out with East Valley Women’s League and our QCO Number: 22044.

For example, if you owe $3000 in taxes but donate $800 to a qualifying charitable organization, your tax liability is reduced to $2200.

Please consult your tax professional for more information. Click here to donate to East Valley Women’s League for Arizona State QCO credit (hot link this line to online donation form that yields QCO receipt).